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Meet the Ferrule Blaster!

allows for rapid ferrule removal, with nose design that allows for instant discharge of spent ferrules.

The Ferrule Blaster is a state of the art tool designed to remove stubborn compression ferrules from 1/2" copper pipes when replacing compression angle, or straight stop valves used to service sinks, toilets, etc. The Ferrule Blaster is superior to all other ferrule pulling tools due to its quick trigger action that allows for rapid ferrule removal. Watch a live demo of the Ferrule Blaster here!

The Ferrule Blaster's Top Features!
simple, yet powerful.

5 Times Faster Than Other Pullers

360 Degree Single Hand Operation

Innovative Nose Design Allows for Instant Discharge of Spent Ferrules

Nose Threads Off Quickly by Hand

Plumbers Love the Ferrule Blaster!
Verified amazon reviews.

"This tool is fantastic. Out of the box solid metal, smooth action. I did clean all the threads and oiled it up before using it. 2 houses and 17 stops later still looks new. No stress marks or wearing. This thing is the best. 2nd one ive owned. First one got stolen. Had it for 6 months, as a service plumber got used and abused and still worked like a champ. Recommend this tool to everyone."

Ryan via Amazon Reviews

"We are replacing over 1500 shut off valves on a hotel project and this tool is amazing. I have been plumbing for almost 30 years and this tool is great."

Stephan via Amazon Reviews

"As a plumber I must admit this is probably one of the most unique and amazing tools I've ever bought. When replacing old angle stops, the old nuts and ferrels come off in seconds with ease. An absolute must tool for every plumber. Handymen, stay away! lol"

Matthew via Amazon Reviews

"I saw this at a supply house and the manager who I respect told me you have to get one of these. When I used it I couldn’t believe how well it worked. Nice to buy a product that exceeds your expectations. No plumber should be with out one."

Tom via Amazon Reviews

"I’m a handyman and my plumber recommended I get it for times I change valves and I actually used it twice in the first week I had it. It’s paid for itself already. Highly recommend."

Chad via Amazon Reviews

"Works great. Easy to use. Good price"

Martin via Amazon Reviews

"Works great! Gets used a lot and has held up very well so far."

jasmine via Amazon Reviews
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Ferrule Blaster Demo
Ferrule Blaster Reassemble
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